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What's New for CU SIAM?

Happening now:

  • 1/27/18, 9pm - 11pm, East Ramp Lounge: An Intro to the MCM / ICM and DifEQ Contests
  • 2/06/18, 2:30 - 3:30 pm, Davis Auditorium (412 CEPSR): Speaker: Dr. Cathy O'Neil. Talk: Data, Algorithms, and their Consequences for Society
  • 3/08/18, 6pm - 8pm, 14th Floor, Broadway Hall Lounge: The SIAM Alumni Networking Panel and Mixer
  • 3/02/18, 3/23/18, 9pm - 10pm, John Jay Main Lounge: The P-sets and Pizza Series!
  • 4/14/18, 8:30am - 5pm, Davis Auditorium (412 CEPSR): MMATHS Competition
  • 4/21/18, SIMIODE Differential Equations Student Competition
  • 4/30/18, 4:30pm - 6:30pm, Hamilton 406: Rubiks Cube Study Break
Free food at all the above events!

And don't forget, as always, our weekend bootcamps are still in session! We welcome new volunteers!

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    Teach and learn at Latex, Matlab, and Python workshops!

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    We hold networking events to connect people! We plan on having a First-generation Low Income Students in STEM Networking Event, an Underrepresented in STEM Networking Event, and a Women in STEM Networking Event.

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    Join us and help us organize our workshops, networking events, and tutoring efforts. Also enjoy our weekly newsletter, research symposiums, speakers, and panels, help rooms, and field trips.


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